Working for the NHS? Enjoy Your Wigwam® Holidays Discount

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Holiday time really matters when you work hard. Adventures with friends, romantic moments with your partner and good times with family are all essential for your mental health and overall sense of well-being.

If you or someone in your life works for the National Health Service, you’ll know this better than most. Rotational shift patterns, antisocial hours and working in a high-stress environment can add pressure on life outside of work. Research finds that connecting with nature and spending time outside can reduce stress, make you happier and strengthen family bonds.

The thing is that while we know that being outside and enjoying nature is good for us, it can be difficult to prioritise this time. We think everyone in the NHS deserves a chance to feel happy and connected with nature.



Annual leave is a great time to prioritise your own well-being. To help you maximise time off with your friends and family in the great outdoors, we have launched a new deal with and to give all NHS staff a discount on a stress-busting, happiness-boosting Wigwam® Holidays glamping break.

There’s no time like right now to start planning your time off. With a 15% discount on all mid-week glamping breaks outside school and bank holidays, Wigwam® Holidays gives you a boost to make your annual leave really special. It doesn’t matter if you work shift patterns to help look after the nation’s health or if your role is behind the scenes - your hard work is vital to keeping the health service strong - and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

Rewards for NHS Staff – a small way to say thank you for your incredible hard work

Working in the National Health Service (NHS) is no easy task. Everybody - from the support staff, technicians and cleaners to the nurses, GPs and surgeons - knows only too well the effort, patience and dedication required to work for the largest employer in the UK. For many, the personal rewards and job satisfaction are huge, but that doesn’t make the work easy.  

Our free health service gives us a sense of security to live our lives with confidence, and for generations, we haven’t known anything else. The NHS is in place for us, our children and our elderly parents to assist with our mental health and physical well-being. Our babies are born looking into the faces of NHS staff and our loved ones are often comforted in their last moments by them. At times of high stress and fear, the NHS staff are there to help keep us calm and care for us, 365 days a year.


NHS Staff discounts help make things easier for life outside of work  

Protected as we are by this incredible service, it’s easy to forget that we are supported not simply by NHS members of staff, but real people. Outside the hospital wards and waiting rooms, the people who support us day in and day out are just like us. They have their own homes and families to take care of on top of their demanding jobs.

Dealing with the nation’s health deserves a reward. Thankfully, more and more companies are recognising this and there are now hundreds of discounts for NHS staff to enjoy.

Many of them focus on retail therapy, like high street stores who can offer up to 15% off purchases. We love this idea and know how useful discounts on shopping can be – especially at times like the back to school season, Christmas and birthdays, all of which come with additional costs. 

However, real happiness comes from special moments, not from things.




Hitting pause on the workplace pressure and spending time away with special people is the key to happy holidays. For a few days or weeks, set a slower pace to life and enjoy new experiences and places. Why not try a new sport, dig in rock pools or hunt for shells on a beach? Experiencing something new can help you unwind, relax and feel connected to something meaningful, which means forgetting about your busy working week.

Glamping is a great, easy way to make the most of every moment of your holiday. Enjoy long days out in the fresh air and cosy nights around a campfire, laughing and sharing good food and stories. You’ll feel a million miles away from your hectic life and responsibilities – and you don’t even have to pack a tent.  


Try a glamping holiday for instant rest, relaxation and happy memories

It’s easy to book a Wigwam® Holidays glamping break, and even easier to love one. After all, glamping offers the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. Sites are usually nestled in beautiful countryside locations, yet close to towns and cities, meaning you can spend the day relaxing in the country or exploring a new city - or a little bit of both. 


A Wigwam® Holiday glamping break is all about:

  • quality time with your favourite people

  • fresh air, beautiful scenery and big skies

  • hot tubs, roaring campfires, BBQs and picnics

  • instant relaxation, peace and quiet



Relax and enjoy yourself - you deserve it

With your Wigwam® Holidays NHS discount, you can enjoy more quality time with your friends and family and make the most of your precious time off. With sites in over 80 locations around the UK, you can find somewhere close to home so you can save travel time and spend more of it on holiday. 

Your luxury glamping cabin has everything you need, so you can save time by packing only the essentials and jumping straight in the car. To get your holiday started even quicker, book into one of the many Wigwam® sites close to a train station.

This is just one small way for all of us here at Wigwam® Holidays to say thank you for everything you do for our NHS.


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